Vans Authentic

An American sneaker manufacturer in Anaheim, California created the first in an active sporting line of shoes called Vans Authentic skate shoe. Once known as a company that specialized in deck or casual sporting shoes, the Van Doren Rubber Company soon morphed to become Vans Shoe, as a result of the success of Vans Authentic shoes. The company and its new line of street smart shoes soon became a global leader in performance footwear and extreme sporting accessories. The Vans Authentic Shoe was the first in Vans Core Classics line that built a loyal core following in California among skateboarders and the Hollywood casual. With this leisure lace up canvas upper shoe and the waffled rubber treaded bottoms. This footwear wrote the entire story.

Reminiscent of the culture that drove the mid-century sportsman, the Vans Authentic Shoe has a sticky rubber outsole that is coupled with the Vulcanized bottom. What once was important as a deck shoe became indispensable to riding the deck of a skateboard. The cotton drill lining and die-cut EVA sole was inserted into the interior to provide comfort and style. This classic design shoe would become the first in a long line of characteristic good looks that has become the skate shoe of choice in Vans core market. It has found its way onto California skateboards and streets. Thanks to its gummy bottom, the Vans Authentic skateboarding shoe creation rapidly became the shoe of choice for sidewalk surfers across California. Not only because of its skateboarder appeal but also because of its international charm as well.

The extreme sport of skateboarding has embraced generations and crossed borders. Much of its appeal and Vans Shoes success can be attributed to it constant development and evolution in design and function. In 2004 Vans Shoes updated its line to include new avenues of comfort to its Core Classics line. “CoolMax” was created to wick away moisture and keep active feet dry. As in all of Vans’ line of skateboard shoes, the drive to keep current with its core markets’ needs is pivotal.

Other innovative upgrades followed like “Duracap”. This was added as an answer to Grip Tape, a gritty topical adherence tape used on skateboard surfaces. True-fit sock liners were inserted in the newer models of their shoes to assist in a more stable fit while maneuvering turns. There is a consistent immersion of cutting edge technologies and sciences in developing the ultimate in Vans Shoes street wear.

Vans and their designers became quickly aware that their street element skateboarding shoes would be the do all shoe for the urban sidewalk. When sidewalk surfing became not only the entertainment, but also the practice venue and means of transportation,Vans Authentic shoe led the way to a long line of performance footwear. The knowledge that propels the dynamics of skateboarding is always factored in all of Vans skateboarding shoes.

Although it is clear that Vans skate shoes are popular among skateboarders, we cannot endorse any specific product; rather we can only assist in helping you make wise choices.

Vans Shoes – For New Generation

Vans shoes are a leading company specializing in the manufacture of footwear with its branches in America, Europe and Asia. The company has an interesting history. It started in March 16, 1966, when Paul Van Doren, who then owned a manufacturing rubber, set up a shoe store, shoes vans with three other partners, hence the name VAN’S “means with Van. The company was unique because the shoes were sold the same day they were manufactured.

The store sold 12 pairs of shoes the first day and the shoes are known as Faith’s shoes. Vans shoes, some changes in 1980 when they branched to produce shoes for different sports such as basketball, soccer, etc. a certain point in time was also seen as the corporation itself as seen in debt that had gone bankrupt, but its producers paid creditors and vans shoes were back on track for 3 years. The company was sold after a certain time and has been since changed ownership several times, the final change comes in the year 2004.

Vans trainers shoes are their clients across three continents, America, Europe and Asia. The corporate website is the best place to find great variety of shoes available. Vans Shoes has always maintained the personal touch in place will do the best part to buy shoes for vans is that you get to design their own shoes, with the addition of custom vans on their website in 2004. The choice is between three styles of shoes: ERA, Slip Ons and Old School. Once you’ve made your choices about the style of shoes to buy the customer is directed to another page in which the sex of the shoe should be given to the next page is where is the sun. We got to design every part of the shoe starting with the eyelids to the language of the final color of the shoe.

“Vans has expanded to sell clothes with an impressive range of t-shirts and shorts and the like. The company also offers funky accessories like bags, backpacks, hats, wallets, scarves, armbands, and more. The company was part of the allocation function wrap-up since 1995. Sean Penn gave the shoes to customers worldwide since he was in the youth cult movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

Vans Shoes – Shoes For the Youth

Vans shoes is a leading company involved in the manufacture of shoes with its branches in America, Europe and Asia. The company has an interesting history. It started out In march 16 1966 when Paul Van Doren, who then owned a rubber manufacturing company, set up the shoe store, vans shoes, along with three other partners thus the name VAN’S’ meaning along with VAN. The company was unique because shoes were sold the same day that they were manufactured.

The shop sold 12 pairs of shoes on the first day and the shoes are known as the authentic shoes. Vans shoes saw certain changes when in 1980s they branched to manufacturing custom shoes for different sports like basketball, football etc. a certain point in time was also seen when the company saw itself in so much debt that it was bankrupt, but he manufacturers paid the creditors and vans shoes was back in track in 3 years time. The company was sold after some time and has been since changed ownerships many a times, the latest change coming in, in the year 2004.

Vans shoes today find their buyers across three continents, America, Europe and Asia. The company website is the best place to look for the wide variety of shoes available. Vans shoes has still kept the personal touch in shoes going making the best part about buying shoes from vans is that one gets to design one’s own shoes with the addition of vans customs to their website in 2004. The choice is between three shoe styles: ERA, Slip-Ons and Old-Skool. Once you have made your choice regarding the style of shoes to be bought the customer is directed to another page where the sex of the shoe has to be determined and the next page is where the sun lies. One gets to design each and every part of the shoe beginning from the eyelids to the tongue to the final color of the shoes.

Vans shoes’ has branched out to selling clothes with an impressive lineup of t-shirts and shorts and the likes. The company also has on offer funky accessories like backpacks, beanies, purses, scarves, wrist bands and much more. The company has been an integral part of the wrap-up award function since the year 1995. Sean Penn gave the shoes an international clientele when he wore them in the cult youth film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

All About Black Vans

There is nothing better than jumping on your skateboard and heading out into the world. For skaters out there, it is very important to have the proper gear. One of the hottest styles for 2011 is the Black Vans skate shoe. This article is going to give a very brief overview of this shoe, and what people ought to expect from it.

Vans sneakers have been around for a long time. The shoes from this company are a mainstay in the world of skateboarding. Even though Vans have been around for such a long time; their timeless design and style are what keep them relevant up until now. The company has a lot of different styles and each and every one has something that people from all around can truly appreciate.

When it comes to style there are many different types of Vans Skate shoes available. The ones in black are the most popular color options out there, simply because it is so versatile. Black shoes do not get dirty easy and they really look good on the feet. With Vans in Black, they can really be worn with just about anything. Some of the more popular styles in black would be the hugely popular slip-ons, Authentics, Chukka Low, Vulcanized 106, Old Skools and the Era. All of these all offer something different, but they do continue the Vans tradition of quality and flair.

Many people are in love with Black Vans, simply because there are so many different styles out there, they can be worn to just about any occasion. There are the general skateboarding shoes, which care cool in their own right. If you are looking for casual wear, then specific shoes are out there to help you and your feet look sharp and stylish.

Another great point about Black Vans is that they really do not cost a lot of money. For shoes that are so stylish, they really are really worth it. You will be able to dress yourself in style, for a really cheap price.

If you are looking for some really nice and amazing sneakers, then the Black Vans Skate shoes, are really one of the best options out there. Black is a color that is pretty stylish and it can be worn with just about anything. There are many different Vans sneaker options out there in black. It is really up to you to find the one that best fits your style.

Vans Skate Shoe: Featuring The Atwood

Your skate moves and tricks may be damn cool, but if you’re wearing some low quality sneakers and trying to pull all of these top moves, well, you’re just going to look silly. A skater treats their tricks and moves like art and if you value your art, you’re going to want to have the best tools to use. That’s where the Vans Atwood comes in. We’re not talking about some ordinary shoe that you pick up from your local shoe shop. With Vans footwear you’re getting into a shoe that was specifically designed to handle all of those moves and bad landings. The Vans Atwood was designed by people who skate and understand what it really means to put on a regular shoe and then put on a skate shoe. With the Vans Atwood, the difference is night and day.

The style of the Atwood is sleek, low profile with canvas upper and vulcanised sole. This soft sole provides the perfect grip for skateboarding and has the added bonus of coming with a real in your face look that will really make you stand out. The suede or canvas upper is durable and resilient to handle all the moves in the park and on the ramps. It features a lace-up front style with a canvas tongue and rubber toe cap that promotes a balanced feel. The construction of the Vans Atwood all around is solid and can handle just about anything you can throw at it. The outsole of the shoe is specially gripped to add that extra level of connection to the ground and the board. So not only are you feeling the ground more, but also you’re gripping the ground more, which will of course help you stay on the board more. If you’re looking for a shoe that doesn’t cut corners in quality or comfortability, then the Vans Atwood is an excellent choice to make.

Vans recently released a limited edition of the Vans Atwood to celebrate 57 years of trading. Vans Shoes, originally called the Vans Doren Rubber Company has a proven history of providing footwear for the military and skaters found this rugged style of footwear perfect for their sport and became a regular feature on the sidewalks of so cal in the 1970s. While the styles may have evolved over the decades, the basic principle and design of every Vans shoe remains the same. Get some today and take your skateboaring up a level.

The History of Vans Shoes

Even though Vans has always been thought of as a new brand of shoes and has been popular with the youngsters, few of them realise that the brand was actually started almost half a century ago in the swinging sixties and that many of their baby boomer parents were also huge fans of the Vans brand.

The company was started by Paul Van Doren who gave his name to the company along with three other partners. The Van Doren shoes company opened its first retail store in Anaheim California and it instantly distinguished itself from most of its competitors by manufacturing shoes itself and selling them directly to people without any middle men. Another thing that separated the Vans brand from other competitors and that was probably a reason for the instant success was that Vans shoes were targeted to the surfing, skating and skate boarding communities. All these sports and leisure activities saw the most interest in them ever in the Mid sixties and there was an explosion of young people who wanted to try their hand at these leisure activities.

Vans as one of the few companies that was making shoes that were specifically targeted at people who wanted to do these kinds of activities saw instant success and its thick soled shoes became instantly recognizable and adored by the surfboarding and skating crowd. So popular was the company in fact and its iconic shoes that for a while any thick soled shoes were called Vans by the general public.

Vans also introduced a new style of slip on shoe that was also an instant hit with the BMX bicycle riding crowd and later became a huge fashion statement even amongst the non cycling crowd in southern California. The company saw huge success during this time and by the end of the seventies the company had over seventy stores in California selling Vans shoes to people directly.

The eighties were not so kind to the company and though they went bankrupt in 1983, they turned the company around and within three years had come back into the black and were stronger than ever. They also started supporting musicians with Vans music compilations that further endeared them to the young people who bought their shoes.

Vans Shoes for Comfortable Feet

Vans do not just produce shoes exclusively for skaters anymore. They are now for all of us. The first Vans shoes every designed for skaters but with time as the company became popular worldwide they started producing shoes for every types of occasion, formal and informal. They are now labeled as the fashionable and designer shoes for both men and women. Vans Authentic footwear was first started by Paul Van Doren in 1966. In the beginning they only involved in manufacturing skating shoes. The first shoes had a diamond like structure embedded in their soles. Later with time they stared producing many different types of shoes the designs of which were no more only restricted to skaters.

Today you can find arbitrarily 70 designs of Vans Authentic shoes in the market. All the shoes differ in color, designs and prices. The shoes are made from good durable quality material and are incredibly comfortable to wear as walking, jogging and sports shoes. They are the most flat bottomed shoes that you will get in the market, so wearing this shoes you can just glide into any type of activity. The two most popular styles of Vans shoes are Slip On and Era shoes. These shoes when they were first launched in the market were not so popular but with time they gained their own distinguishing position in the market. Today you can get these two brands of footwear in a huge range of collection fashioned out of different colors available in all types of sizes.

As Vans footwear were originally made for skaters they are made to be durable and strong that can sustain good grip on the floor. The soles of shoes are made from high quality rubber material and come with the lining. You can search for Vans footwear in the various online stores where they are available at great discount prices at free shipping cost.