Vans Skate Shoe: Featuring The Atwood

Your skate moves and tricks may be damn cool, but if you’re wearing some low quality sneakers and trying to pull all of these top moves, well, you’re just going to look silly. A skater treats their tricks and moves like art and if you value your art, you’re going to want to have the best tools to use. That’s where the Vans Atwood comes in. We’re not talking about some ordinary shoe that you pick up from your local shoe shop. With Vans footwear you’re getting into a shoe that was specifically designed to handle all of those moves and bad landings. The Vans Atwood was designed by people who skate and understand what it really means to put on a regular shoe and then put on a skate shoe. With the Vans Atwood, the difference is night and day.

The style of the Atwood is sleek, low profile with canvas upper and vulcanised sole. This soft sole provides the perfect grip for skateboarding and has the added bonus of coming with a real in your face look that will really make you stand out. The suede or canvas upper is durable and resilient to handle all the moves in the park and on the ramps. It features a lace-up front style with a canvas tongue and rubber toe cap that promotes a balanced feel. The construction of the Vans Atwood all around is solid and can handle just about anything you can throw at it. The outsole of the shoe is specially gripped to add that extra level of connection to the ground and the board. So not only are you feeling the ground more, but also you’re gripping the ground more, which will of course help you stay on the board more. If you’re looking for a shoe that doesn’t cut corners in quality or comfortability, then the Vans Atwood is an excellent choice to make.

Vans recently released a limited edition of the Vans Atwood to celebrate 57 years of trading. Vans Shoes, originally called the Vans Doren Rubber Company has a proven history of providing footwear for the military and skaters found this rugged style of footwear perfect for their sport and became a regular feature on the sidewalks of so cal in the 1970s. While the styles may have evolved over the decades, the basic principle and design of every Vans shoe remains the same. Get some today and take your skateboaring up a level.